Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply helmets ?
Yes we supply Met or Spuik helmets. These are included in the rental price.
Please note that it is law in Spain to wear helmets on interurban roads.

Can I bring my own pedals ?
Yes if you bring your pedals we will fit them for you.
However we always have in stock Shimano SPD SL, SPD MTB, Look Keo and Look Classic. If you use other brands (eg Time, Speedplay etc) please bring them with you.

I have had a bike fit can I send it to you ?
Yes send us your bike fit and we will try and match it as best as possible. Alternatively we can send you our bike fit form so that you can measure your own bike so that we can match it.

Can I fit my Garmin to the bike ?
We can fit the quarter turn mount (edge 200,500,800,1000 series) or can supply an adapter for the older 705 models

I forgot my shoes , can I rent them ?
Yes we rent shoes for an additional charge.